Beginners Bike Maintenance Class Workshop

Join our beginners bike maintenance class

Park Tool are the world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer. They have developed a maintenance training syllabus based on their Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. At The Freewheel Workshop we are offering a wide range of courses. The next course starting on Saturday is a Beginners Bike Maintenance Class.

During the two four hour sessions, students will get an overview of the entire bike. The emphasis is on checking equipment and being aware of when it needs replacement. The course timings are:

Saturday 18th, 9am-1pm
Saturday 25th, 9am-1pm

The two four hour sessions cost £35 each, a total of £70.

The minimum number of participants is 4, the maximum 8.

To Book, please call The Freewheel on 01795 538143.