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Bike fitting in Kent – are you sitting comfortably?

We believe a bike fit is essential to enable you to get the most from your riding whether it is racing, mountain biking, commuting or any form of cycling.

Cycling comes in numerous different flavours from racing to riding to the pub. There is an ever growing variety of bikes and riding styles to suit different people’s passion for cycling. However, it’s difficult to get passionate about cycling if your bike is uncomfortable and does not fit you.  This will lead to poor performance, an unhappy riding experience and worst case scenario, injury.  This is why the Freewheel Cycling Cafe will be running bike fitting clinics in Kent to help people keep fit and healthy on the road.

What you can expect?
Our bike fitting sessions are conducted in two halves. Firstly, we will go through a physical assessment that will include a review of any previous injuries, posture and range of motion. It will include a hands on assessment to identify any issues such as muscle imbalances, restricted flexibility and muscle tension. This assessment will enable us to identify any factors that could influence your suggested bike set-up.

Secondly, we will assess you on your bike to assess your riding style and identify any obvious bike fitting issues that may be affecting your comfort and performance. If appropriate, we will also assess your pedal and cycling shoe set-up. This process will enable us to provide you with appropriate advice to improve your present or new bike fit.

Who would benefit from a bike fit?
Anyone who rides a bike would benefit from a bike fit whether it is to make it more comfortable right through to competitive cyclists wanting to maximise their performance.

Who are we?
Simon and Luke have over 60 years of cycling experience between them.  Simon has raced, toured and commuted in numerous countries across the world. He has a Sport and Exercise Science Degree and is a Level 5 Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist and Level 2 British Cycling Coach. Simon has his own Sport & Remedial Massage practice. For more information please visit

Luke is a Level 3 Track, L2 Road & TT & L2 MTB British Cycling Coach, with 25+ years of racing experience up to European level under his belt.  He is also a Regional Commissaire, and works for British Cycling as a Development Manager for Go-Ride, so he has a wealth of experience in the sport & coaching sectors.  Luke works with a small number of riders for a personal coaching service, or which Bike fit is one service offered to increase success.  For more info please visit

How long does it take?
Bike fitting sessions are with Simon and Luke and you should plan for it to take approximately 2 hours for one bike and 3 hours for two bikes.

How much does it cost?
Bike fitting for one bike = £100
Bike fitting for two bikes = £150

Call Simon Allum now on 07712404801 and book your one to one session!  or if you prefer you can email Simon on:

Testimonials:  “I had a bike fit session with Simon and Luke in August 2016.  I’m now able to cycle longer distances without experiencing any pain in my back and shoulders, this I know is down to having a bike that now fits me!  Highly recommend to everyone and at just £80 it’s way cheaper than many of the other specialists.” – J Hage, Maidstone