Cycling Training at Cyclopark in Kent Cycling / Event

Cycling Skills Training Sessions in 2017

During the Summer months we ran a number of cycling training sessions at the Freewheel Cycling Cafe in Kent.  The sessions were a great success and from the feedback we received everyone who attended picked up lots of new cycling skills and tips to keep them safe on the road.  We have covered cycling etiquette in group riding, how to improve your climbing and descending techniques and how to improve your general all round fitness.

As soon as the evenings begin to get lighter we will start the evening sessions again, however untill then we would like to run a few session at the Cyclopark in Gravesend. We can book part of the circuit for 2 hours and it will be a great opportunity to get together have some fun and continue to perfect our cycling skills.  Please email if you would like to find out more abut our training sessions.

Meet our trainer

Simon Allum, also looks after our bike fit sessions and is also our resident sports therapist.

The Cyclopark training will take in a number of disciplines including; cornering skills, riding fast and safely in a group and also event and race skills!  It’s going to be a fantastic afternoon and is open to people of all abilities.  Sessions will cost £14 per person, this includes entry into the park.

These sessions are not only great for learning new cycling techniques and bike knowledge but also an ideal place to meet like minded people and find new cycling buddies.