Roller Racing Winter Series 2017/18 Cycling / Event

Cycling Clubs across Kent are invited to send teams to The Freewheel Roller Racing Winter Series.

The Series will take place once a month on Friday evenings from November to March. The Roller Racing will be a simple knockout competition. Points will be awarded according to how far a rider progresses. There will be prizes for the winner of each evening and a cumulative prize for the winning sprinter and the winning team.

Sprinters will be racing head to head on static fixed wheel bicycles strapped on to a set of rollers within a jig. When the riders ride, the rollers roll.

Each bike is wired up to a giant clock showing a simulated distance of 500 metres. Because each rider has their own clock hand, the ensuing head-to-head sprint is easy to watch. You can see exactly who is ahead as the red and blue clock hands chase each other round the dial.

It’s a recipe for a great atmosphere. You’re encouraged to cheer for your heroes and heckle their opponents. Make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun. There will be tension, adrenalin, winners and losers. There will be furious pedalling that seems to threaten to shake the entire roller jig apart.  Because each race is so short, about 30 seconds, the racing is incredibly intense.

Teams have until Monday 6 November to enter. There is only places for 8 teams of two riders. The Roller Racing Nights are at 7pm on Fridays on 10 November, 8 December, 12 January, 9 February and 9 March.